Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Winter and Spring 2012

Winter this year in southeastern Idaho was pretty mild compared to normal. Winter here can be brutal here with lots of snow and cold. This year, not so much. Spring has been a little fickle. At times we have had above normal temperatures, which I love. Other times it has been cold and very windy. It also brought us lots of piglets! We have some very nice Idaho Pasture Pig breeding stock available now. Here are some of them!!!!


  1. Hi Shelly, I'm very interested in your Ipp's. I would love some more information on their size, hanging weights, etc. Thanks!

    1. Hi Natalie,
      I just published the story of our pigs, which has lots of great information. Our web-site has really good information too and contact information. http://www.idahopasturepigs.com

  2. Hi Shelly! I loved reading the story of your pigs. I learned about them from some Kune Kune breeders and I would love to learn what I can about your IPPs and hopefully purchase some breeding stock. Your website is down though.... so would you be able to email me with pricing and availability? greenbeingfarm(at)gmail.com I think we'd be looking at piglets from your March 2013 herd if possible. We currently raise Berkshires but just like you, I want a breed that had all the characteristics you described. And you went and made one! Congrats!!!!